Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Teeth whitening is a very effective way to get rid of stains / marks on the surface of teeth caused by foods, drinks, smoking etc. It’s lighten the shades of teeth’s existing shade.

Our dentist at Currie Street Dental Clinic will have a session to determine whether you are suitable for the treatment and will supervise if you are. First of all dentist will put a protective shield made of rubber or a gel to protect your gum. Then he will apply the whitening product on the teeth and put a tray around the teeth. The ingredients in whitening product gets into enamel on the teeth and the teeth color changed to a lighter shade.

Adelaide Dentist Teeth Whitening

The whole teeth whitening Adelaide process takes three to four weeks. You may be experience sensitive teeth, discomfort in the gum, but these symptoms generally disappear within few days.

And the effects of teeth whitening stays usually up to three years. But those who smokes, drinks excessive tea & coffee experiences much less effective period.

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